Anatomy Of SoBe Shirts



All of our shirts are 100% pure Egyptian cotton. There is a premium
cost on Egyptian cotton but those looking for a higher quality shirt will
appreciate and recognize the benefits.

Egyptian cotton is very smooth to the touch, offers a shine that other
cottons cannot replicate as its heavier structure allows it to absorb more
color during the dying process. The long fibers in this cotton are commonly
known as long staples gives the cotton great strength and durability.


A majority of our shirts are made from 1-Ply fabrics as they are
lighter and provide better breathing. 2-Ply fabrics are only used on styles
of fabric with a very fine and tight weave.

Thread Count

We use a wide range of thread counts. 80s, 100s and in some shirts
120s for our classic dress shirts because of the silky texture and
lightweight. We use lower counts when we want more weighty fabrics.



Collar Stays & Interlining

SoBe utilizes collar stays and also an interlining throughout the
whole collar to ensure the longevity of the shape and structure through
repeat washing and ironing.

Most mass-brand shirts are either lightly interlined if at all due to it being an expensive and time-consuming production process.



Front Darts

SoBe shirts utilizes front darts into the design to give a better fit
along with clean and sophisticated look.

This process is more time consuming but we see this as adding value to
a much important area of the fit and the visual aesthetics of the shirt.


The gusset is the triangular fabric sewn in where the side seam meets
the hem of the shirt. Our gussets are not constructed into the shape of the
shirt, they are sewn over the top which adds extra strength to this high-stress

A majority of our shirts feature gussets, usually in the contrasting fabric that we have featured in the interior of the collar or the cuffs. The gusset gives a little extra style and to let other shirt savvy onlookers that you’re serious about your shirts.

It is another time consuming process but serves its purpose in
durability and fashion.

Single-Needle Lock Stitching

Single-needle stitching is where a single seam is sewn, then folded over
itself and sewn again. Also known as a lockstitch, this seam has two pieces of
thread that lock the pieces of fabric together from both sides.

It results in a much stronger seam that is difficult to rip and also gives a cleaner look to the shirt as there is only a single visible seam on the outside and single needle stitching is less prone to puckering.



Gütermann Thread

Gutermann thread is arguably
the best thread in the world. It is a standard throughout all of our shirts.
The thread adds durability to the shirt keeping its shape through repeat
washing and ironing, color longevity and seam strength.


We have three types of buttons we use for our shirts depending on the

SoBe signature buttons are full colored, guaranteed not to fade. They
have very smooth and round edges to assist in buttoning and unbuttoning.

SoBe multi-colored buttons are also full colored, using colors that
match contrast features on the shirt which shows a real attention to detail.

SoBe fabric wrapped buttons are made from the same fabric that
features on the shirt. A slim button with matching fabric that makes it look